chicago – 2009

Averill and Bernard Leviton A+D gallery, Chicago, 2009

CURATORS: Jimena Acosta and Emiliano Godoy
Included authors: Siri Brekke, Edward Burtynsky, Dante Busquets, goldiechiari, Máximo González, Aylin Kayser and Cristian Metzner, Jason Middlebrook, MINE™, Paolo Pennuti, Diego Pérez, Ricochet Studio, Britta Riley and Rebecca Bray, Ariel Rojo, Vitamin, Uli Westphal, Craig Zucker

This exhibition is about sustainability, and about humanity and its incapability to sustain its habits and culture for future generations. The works in Criteria thrust the visitor outside of his/her comfort zone, outlining the main contradiction between the views portrayed in the exhibition and our preconceived notions of progress and wealth. Criteria puts under scrutiny an aesthetic in art and design that unveils a common awareness on contemporary environmental and social conditions.